Proposed Wote Campus

Proposed Wote Campus

Wote campus background

Wote town Campus is strategically located at Soi Plaza building, 2nd floor, above Equity Bank in Wote Town; the headquarters of Makueni County, and about 140kms from Kitui main campus.
The campus has a vision, mission, objectives and core values that guide the core activities of; teaching and learning, research and innovation, outreach and community service as outlined below:

To be a Centre of excellence in teaching, research, innovation service delivery.
To provide quality education through teaching, research and community service locally, nationally and internationally.
Arid to Green- transforming lives
Core Values
In order to achieve the vision and mission, the campus will be guided by the following core values:

  1. Professionalism: In all our actions and interactions, we shall maintain ethical behavior, courtesy and professional etiquette.
  2. Innovation: Innovativeness shall be the hallmark of our business activities through fostering pro-activeness, creativity, and adaptability to change.
  3. Integrity: We shall be honest, transparent and accountable always.
  4. Freedom of thought: We shall promote and defend academic freedom.
  5. Team work: We shall maintain a sense of unity and common interests and responsibilities.
  6. Respect and conservation of environment: We shall strive to respect and protect the natural and working environment.

e) Campus objectives

  1. To ensure customer satisfaction through efficient service delivery in all sections of the campus.
  2. To ensure quality assurance, maintenance of accreditation and continuous improvement throughout.
  3. To ensure continuous growth of student numbers in the campus.
  4. To ensure full payment of fees by all students within the prescribed registration period in each semester.
  5. To ensure safekeeping of examinations in the campus.
  6. To ensure proper asset maintenance and management.

The campus provides regular, part time/weekend modes of study for; certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post graduates levels. By offering variety of courses for self sponsored programs, the Campus enables South Eastern Kenya University to have its own identity and a distinctive image within and without Makueni County and thus increasing access and equity to University education.
As a center of excellence, the Campus offers the best form of university education in flexible modes of study that are in congruence with the needs of the learners and the society. In this way our students are assured of the best achievement in their education.