SEKU 2016 Graduation Ceremony….

SEKU’s Salsa group entertains guests

SEKU 2016 Graduation Ceremony….

Graduands wait for their turn

Introduction and Welcome note from the Director

SEKU Wote Campus is one of the four satellite campuses of the University. The campus is located at Soi Plaza building, 2nd floor, above Equity Bank in Wote Town, the headquarters of Makueni County, and about 140km from Kitui main campus. The campus began its operations in March, 2012. Currently, the campus has a student population of 315 who are taking classes in different regular, part-time and institutional-based programmes.

The Campus has the necessary facilities required for conducive learning. These include lecture rooms, a computer lab and a library, adequate student, staff and library chairs, staff offices and washrooms. We have twelve staff at the campus. These include the Director, Senior Administrative assistant, two tutorial fellows, one graduate assistant, Clerical Officer, 2 Library assistants, Secretary, Cleaner/messenger and two security guards.